HokieHaven - Subscribe annually, get FREE Hokies Gear
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Subscribe annually, get FREE Hokies Gear

Now's a great time to join HokieHaven.com! Subscribe annually and get a gift card for FREE Hokies gear!

With a regular price payment of $99.95 for an annual sub, we will send a $49.50 gift card to the Rivals Fan Shop! You can pick up all sorts of Hokie gear you wanted anyway - without having to spend beyond the cost of your Rivals subscription.

This deal only runs while supplies last - and is guaranteed to end by February 29. Sign up today!

If you're creating a new Rivals account, click here and use code "Annual50"

If you already have a Rivals account, but want to become a premium member for the first time, or to upgrade from a monthly subscription, click here and use the same code, "Annual50"