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His stock is on the rise and there has been an influx of recruiting attention on Jamar AdamsClick Here to view this Link. (6’2”, 200 pounds) this summer. The safety from Butler high school in Charlotte (N.C.) has impressed at a number of camps and has a great personality to match his tremendous on-field skills. Twice during his junior season Adams intercepted a pass from Chris Leak, a Florida bound quarterback that holds the national record for touchdown passes with 171. “I joke around with him about that whenever I see him,” Jamar said.
Adams listed Michigan, Florida State, Virginia, North Carolina, Vanderbilt, Nebraska, Georgia, Miami, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest as teams currently in his recruiting process. He has an offer from Michigan, Virginia, UNC, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest.
“Virginia Tech said they want to evaluate me through my first game and than they will likely offer,” Adams said. “I really like Coach Pearman and I like the style that Coach Beamer’s team plays. I was there for the Nike camp and I really liked the facilities.”
Did Virginia Tech and Miami’s move to the ACC have a positive affect on their recruiting of Adams? “It was a gigantic positive,” he expressed. “Miami and Virginia Tech are always going to be in the top 15 anyways, but the move was huge.”
“I’m a real religious person so where ever my prayers lead me to, that’s where I will go,” Adams said. “I am also going to look at my relationship with the coaching staff, facilities and how the program is looking. I want a coach who wants to compete every year. I love a school that dominates and I want to be part of a program that dominates.”
A couple areas of study that Adams might consider studying in college include English and Engineering.
Jamar Adams had five interceptions and roughly 60 tackles as a junior, to go with two blocked punts on special teams. A few of his team’s receivers got hurt, so Adams stepped in and caught 27 passes for roughly 300 yards and four touchdowns. “I was looking good at the wide receiver position,” he stated. “I like get in the middle of the field, catching passes and roughing it up.”
“I play free safety in high school and I like the contact and hitting,” Adams expressed. “A lot of schools have seen film or every time I go to someone’s camp, they say I have the speed to play cornerback. It just defends on the college and their situation with what they need.”
“I am a magnet to the ball and I love to roam out there,” he added. “I’m play very instinctively. I do whatever it takes to win the ballgame.”
Already this summer, Adams has camped at Virginia Tech (Nike camp), Wake Forest, Michigan, Virginia and UNC. He ran a 4.38 second 40-yard dash on wet grass at the Wake Forest camp. Adams said he runs it in the 4.4’s on a consistent basis.
What would he like to improve on before playing in college? “I want to improve on my flexibility, because sometimes tightness sets in late in games,” he explained. “When I was 12 or 13 years old I hyper extended my hip flexor and then the next year I tore my hip flexor.”
As a senior, Adams hopes to win the conference, then state, and make his quarterback look good in the process. “I want to help get my quarterback a scholarship to a division one school and make plays for him,” he said. “On defense, hopefully I will not have 50 tackles because that would mean the guys up front are doing well. And hopefully I won’t miss on any tackles and miss any opportunities for an interception.”
Right now there is no time table for a decision. “I have been blessed,” Adams expressed. “Right now I’m on God’s time table.”
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