Thomas Says Bowl Still Imminent

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When asked about how it would feel not to go to a bowl game, senior Logan Thomas has a puzzled look on his face. That's not how he views Virginia Tech's outlook after a 3-3 start.
"We'll be in a bowl game," Thomas confidently told a radio station in an interview today.
It's not that Thomas isn't surprised by the Hokies' predicament halfway through the season. He saw much more potential before the season that Thomas doesn't believe Virginia Tech has come close to reaching.
"I always said that I thought we've got a really good team and I still think we've got a really good team, we just haven't done enough to win games," he said. "Offensively, we've had too many slow starts and too many drives sputter out. We take the credit just as much as anybody else does. The mindset, everybody's doing pretty good. We all know we're a better team than 3-3 right now."
This week, the Hokies are preparing for a game that just a month ago looked a little easier than it does. But though Duke, at 5-1 will be a test, Thomas said Virginia Tech simply has to keep going even as the defense continues to struggle.
"We've just gotta keep playing well and keep playing hard," he said. "Only we control how we play. Offensively, if we come out there and play like we did Saturday and in the second half against Cincinnati, we'll be just fine on the offensive side of the ball. We've still got complete faith in the defense. Everybody has a bad day. We had plenty of them through the first couple of weeks and they had out back, so we've gotta have their back."
On Saturday, Thomas threw for 354 yards as the passing game got a jolt for the first time all season. But Thomas, who also rushed for a 13-yard touchdown, might have to do more with his legs.
"If they call my number to run the ball, I'm gonna run the ball the same way," he said. "I'm gonna run it hard and do it the best that I can. If it's not me running the ball, I have full faith in the other four or five guys that will be doing it. I don't think it puts any more pressure on me. The only time the pressure is on me really, is when I'm carrying it and when it's in the passing game. For me, I just need to take care of the ball, not have the turnovers because turnovers kill."
Thomas is still confident. He's calm and still is firm in his belief that the Hokies will turn their season around, despite an uneasiness among fans.
"I don't see us in crisis at all," Thomas said. "Everybody has been upbeat, been ready to go. I guess we'd be in crisis if we couldn't move the ball, couldn't stop anybody and that's not the case. We've been able to move the ball and we've been able to stop people, we just haven't done it all in the same game. Once we begin to do that, we'll be just fine."