Thomas Looking For Early Rhythm

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It's been no secret that Virginia Tech has been horrendously slow in producing to start games. The Hokies have set about trying to remedy the problem, but haven't quite found the solution.
Through watching film, junior quarterback Logan Thomas hasn't been able to figure the issue out, but he does know what he needs to do in general to make himself better.
"There's nothing you can explain, but the only thing I can think of right now is that we've gotta come out and make it a point of emphasis right from the get-go," Thomas said. "We need to come out and play as hard as possible, physical and just take care of the small things as well. Those are the ones, the small things will pick up those first downs. Once you pick up those first downs, it builds the confidence and gets things going."
When Thomas gets in a rhythm, he's as good as any quarterback. Finding that rhythm has been especially tough through five games. Saturday against Cincinnati, Thomas threw for just 37 yards in the first half, but 205 during the second half.
"The more you can have the ball in your hand, the more comfortable you are and that's certainly the case," Thomas said. "We didn't have the ball for, I guess it was nine plays where we had three and out, three and out, three and out and a fumble. The more you have the ball in your hands, the more comfortable you get, the more you're able to sit back and control and be able to throw the ball around. It makes it that much easier."
Virginia Tech's coaches have also taken time to talk to Thomas to get a feel for what he sees on the field. Offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring asked Thomas to give him a list of five plays that he feels comfortable with. Thomas gave 10.
"I've gotta get a lot of things down, as well as just getting used to being back with different players and where my mind is expecting me to set up and where I'm expecting my line to set up," Thomas said. "It's a lot of different things, but it shouldn't be a problem. It's just something I'm gonna work through and be better for this week and the upcoming weeks."
Thomas is hoping there will be an extra spark for the Hokies at North Carolina Saturday. They got a bit of one yesterday, when defensive coordinator Bud Foster lit into the media after practice about defensive execution, as well as a few questions from reporters.
"I agreed a hundred percent with Coach Foster and everything he said," Thomas said. "I was actually told about it and went and checked it out. I thought they did play a great game. I guess you just get looked at by one thing. But yeah, we're gonna come out and play hard every single down, not just for that reason, but because we need it for ourselves and that's just who we are. I respect Coach Foster just like I respect anybody else and I think it needed to be said."
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