The New Class: Donovan Riley

Donovan Riley
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190
Position: Safety
Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
High School: Baltimore Poly Rating: Three stars
State Ranking: 22
Recruited by: Kevin Sherman
Has your size changed at all?
Nah, it hasn't changed at all.
What does your workout routine entail?
I do speed training, with my speed, agility and explosiveness and my back pedal. I do upper body and lower body lifts to lean my body up and to get stronger.
When do you plan on reporting to Virginia Tech?
June 30.
What do you plan on working or improving on through this summer?
I wanna work on everything, like getting stronger, faster and bigger. I just wanna work on my defensive back skills, honing in on the fundamentals and becoming better mentally. I wanna watch more film on my position.
How would you describe your playing style?
I play physical, smart and I play fast, but the game seems slow. I make the game slower and I make it exciting.
What are some of your goals for your freshman season at Virginia Tech?
Come to camp, Virginia Tech working hard, being competitive at my position and trying to stand out as a true freshman. I wanna make the freshman all-American team. I have big goals, like the all-academic team, too.
What player or team are you most looking forward to going up against?
Clemson and Sammy Watkins. I wanna be the one to shut him down.
What's your favorite food?
Shew, aww man, I like all types of food. But I really like Chipotle. There's one on Main Street. I already know.
What is your favorite movie?
I have three movies: 'The Lion King,' 'Friday' and another movie called 'Life.' If you watch that, you'll be cracking up. I think Friday is the best of the series because it's the original one and you can't top the first one because it's a classic.
What is your favorite TV show?
Who is your favorite musician?
What would be three words to describe you?
Funny, humble and laid-back.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?
Uhhh, hmm. Lauren London, Meagan Goode or Rihanna.
If you could go toe to toe in the ring with anybody, who would it be?
Well, it definitely wouldn't be Mike Tyson. I'd say Floyd Mayweather, just cuz. I like the challenge.
What's been your most memorable experience playing football?
Man, I have so many of 'em. I'd say scoring my first touchdown in Pop Warner. I was playing tight end and the running back ran through the hole and fumbled on the goal line. I just picked it up, stepped in the end zone and got the touchdown.
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