The New Class: Devin Vandyke

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Devin Vandyke
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 203
Position: Outside Linebacker
Hometown: Lorton, Va.
High School: South County Rating: Three stars
Position Ranking: 41
State Ranking: 11
Recruited by: Bud Foster
Has your size changed at all?
I think my height is the same and so is the weight because I had surgery. I lost a good 12 pounds and just gained all that back. I had surgery on knees, a bursectomy. It's just inflammation in my knees, constantly. To get rid of the problem, they just kinda took it out. They didn't cut any muscles or anything.
What does your workout routine entail?
Before my surgery, I would work legs one day and then upper body the next. It was almost similar to what they do at Tech right now. Since I can't work out any more, lower body I can't even run, so I'm working either back and chest or shoulders and triceps, or biceps and abs and I try to switch it up every day. I'm also starting to workout int he pool, just to get loose with that. I'm swimming and running in the pool.
When do you plan on reporting to Virginia Tech?
I think it's July 1.
What do you plan on working or improving on through this summer?
Really, I'm just gonna focus on my footwork because I haven't had time and haven't been able to work for the last two months. That's gonna be a really big thing, my footwork and then getting my lower body up to par, where it was before my surgery and a little above that. Mentally, it's getting ready to prepare to play at this level.
How would you describe your playing style?
I would say I'm very aggressive. In high school, I usually knew what I was doing and I knew where the play was going before it would happen. I'm very fast to the ball and I'm a hard hitter. A lot of people underestimate me because of my size but the impact is a lot greater than how much I weigh.
What are some of your goals for your freshman season at Virginia Tech?
Really, just to help my team win any way possible and help them get better. I wanna be up on one of the lifting boards by the end of the year, the records as a freshman. I wanna make the Dean's list as well.
What player or team are you most looking forward to going up against?
Clemson and UVA. I don't think Clemson gives us the respect that we deserve, just because of those two wins last year. I'm really excited to go down to Death Valley and show we're still dominant in the ACC. UVA, just because I don't like UVA. They didn't think I was good enough to get an offer from them for some odd reason, when they haven't won an ACC Championship in years. But I don't know, it's whatever.
What's your favorite food?
Chicken wings.
What is your favorite movie?
I would say "Superbad."
What is your favorite TV show?
I would say "Teen Wolf." I know, it's a weird one.
What's the one song you're getting amped up to before a game?
"Steady Mobbin" by Lil Wayne.
What would be three words to describe you?
Outgoing, dedicated and motivated.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?
Robin Thicke's wife (Paula Patton).
If you could go toe to toe in the ring with anybody, who would it be?
I'd go Clay Matthews. I think he'd be too big to keep up with me.
What's been your most memorable experience playing football?
Helping my team to a state championship this year. Just winning the Patriot district championship and the regional championship, too.
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