The New Class: David Prince

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David Prince
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175
Position: Wide Receiver
Hometown: Roanoke, Va.
High School: Patrick Henry Rating: Three stars State Ranking: 23 Position Ranking (ATHLETE): 39
Recruited by: Cornell Brown
Has your size changed at all?
I'm all of 6'1" and maybe 6'1" and a half. I'm still about 175 though.
What does your workout routine entail?
I work on my speed stuff. Me and a couple of my friends get together and we do some one-on-ones, so I get some receiver work in, a little bit of DB work as well and I'm lifting weights.
When do you plan on reporting to Virginia Tech?
In July, for the second summer session
What do you plan on working or improving on through this summer?
It's all about getting stronger and being used to catching the ball. I'm used to catching the ball, but not really since I played quarterback. All we ran was shotgun at my school, so I'm used to catching the ball, but this is a little bit different.
How would you describe your playing style?
I'd just have to say speedy or shifty. I feel like, with the football, I can go from 100 to nothing. I just like the ball in my hands. I've never really played too much defense and I've never really known that much other than the ball in my hands.
What are some of your goals for your freshman season at Virginia Tech?
Not to get redshirted. but I know it could happen. I look at it this way, we had a lot of receivers leaving, starting receivers leaving and the job is really wide open right now.
What player or team are you most looking forward to going up against?
I honestly don't know. I think I'd have to say UVA just because they're UVA.
What's your favorite food?
Macaroni and cheese.
What is your favorite movie?
Umm, "New Jack City."
What is your favorite TV show?
Let's go with, "Law & Order SVU."
What's the one song you're getting amped up to before a game?
One song? It'll probably have to be "Bout It, Bout It" by Master P.
What would be three words to describe you?
Faith, family and football.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?
Amber Rose.
If you could go toe to toe in the ring with anybody, who would it be?
Oh, I like to go against the best, so I'd say Mike Tyson. Yeah, just because he's Mike Tyson and he's crazy.
What's been your most memorable experience playing football?
It'll have to be making the playoffs this year, because we'd never done that before. Being the first quarterback to play on the team that did that, that was big.
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