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Stock Watch: Bowling Green Game

The fourth game of the season is upon as, and again it is time to see whose stock is on the rise and whose is plummeting ahead of Saturday's battle with Bowling Green. Can Virginia Tech get back moving in the right direction?
The talented senior went over 100 yards receiving for the third time in his career against Pittsburgh, catching four passes for 129 yards, including a touchdown of 85 yards. A big receiver, Davis can do it all. All that's missing are better throws from junior quarterback
A receiver who has always been picked as the breakout player for multiple years, could this be the one where he proves his worth and leads Virginia Tech to a successful season?
Dunn is never going to be known as an offensive juggernaut, but his five catches this season are more than he had entering 2012. After not making any catches against Georgia Tech, he has been pretty solid on offense on a team that is lacking offensive weapons.
If Thomas can get focused under center and produce, Dunn could be another decent option. At times, he looks like a wide receiver running his routes. An underrated talent, Dunn could be a crucial key to the offense moving forward.
The sophomore stud has picked up right where he left off. After running for 844 yards and five touchdowns last season, Samuel has 218 yards and four touchdowns this season. A Florida product, Samuel has quality speed and is also a good receiver out of the backfield.
After a slow start to the season, rushing for 106 yards combined in a loss to Florida and a win against Idaho, he put up 112 yards and a touchdown in last week's 27-15 loss to Toledo.
Following Virginia Tech's loss to the Panthers, the Hokies will be focusing big time on this back, who they hope doesn't put up a performance like we all witnessed last week.
The junior gunslinger makes his second appearance on 'Stock Down' this season. He simply doesn't look comfortable and all of those
High throw after high throw, poor play from the offensive line which has influenced the running games, more runs just may be in store for Thomas. Instead of having him gun it down the field, expect more short throws over the middle and screens to utilize the speed of the receivers. The game against Bowling Green is the perfect opportunity to get back on track.
They haven't been that bad, but decent would be a stretch. While they have picked up their assignments for the most part, the players seem to be lacking intensity, fight and strength to simply overpower the defensive line.
You've got to be a little nasty when you play, and these guys simply aren't getting the job done. Expect it to improve with time as chemistry is lacking, but before this season turns into an average one, more has to be shown.
The Hokie defense could have easily gone in this spot, but the Falcons also had a tough outing last time out, allowing 15.3 yards per catch. They have just one interception this season, as only one member on the defensive line has really made a big impact to force tough throws.