Staff Picks: VT vs Duke

The Hokies are coming off their second straight loss, but are finally back at home, for homecoming, with plenty riding on today's game against Duke. Can Virginia Tech climb back on the winning side?
We take our shots at calling what will happen at today's 12:30 p.m. ET kickoff.
It's been one disappointment after another through six games for the Hokies. The offense finally got moving Saturday, but the defense again can't stop anyone.
It's hard to see the defense coming fully around, as woeful as it's been. But there are still pieces. They just have to find out how to do the essential fundamentals, like tackling.
Virginia Tech will have plenty to be amped up for. Duke is better than many thought it would be at this time of the season, at 5-1. Plus, it's also homecoming and Lane Stadium is one place the Hokies have had success this season.
Not all will be righted tomorrow. But quarterback
I fully expect this one to be a shootout. Neither defense is very impressive and both give up plenty of yards. The Blue Devils will be much more dangerous with
I'm expecting each quarterback to attempt well over 35 passing attempts, but Tech's home crowd will allow them to sneak out a victory.
Tech is in a situation that we haven't seen in ages. Worries of making a bowl, a team out of sync, is this the week the team plays 60 minutes of Hokie ball? Yes.
Freshman running back