Staff Picks: VT vs Bowling Green

If all goes well, tomorrow could be a rebound game for Virginia Tech as the Hokies take on Bowling Green, a team also 1-2. But can VT right its offense while also getting back that swagger on defense?
We take our shots at calling what will happen at today's noon ET kickoff.
We've heard it all week. On Saturday, the Hokies were defeated in nearly all facets of the game in their 35-17 loss at Pittsburgh. But was that just a one-game slip?
It's far too early to start giving up on the season just three games in. Virginia Tech has been notorious for starting slow and finishing strong (James Madison to ACC championship anyone?). The defense is too good to be defined by that game. This week will be difficult though, as we'll see just how much
The defense has the talent and last week should have more than fired everybody up.
Offensively, I don't have to tell anyone how
Today won't be a complete turnaround. It doesn't just happen overnight. But it'll be the start of Virginia Tech getting back on course.
The Falcons showed promise against Florida, but their struggles the past two games have been evident. Bowling Green has the porous defense to help the Hokies' offense get back on track.
This game will tell us a lot about the 2012 version of the Hokies. They're either going to struggle, which would be very concerning, or they will come out playing like wounded and pissed off animals looking to make a statement, which would be very encouraging.
Given the recent history in the past decade, I'm expecting more of the latter as
It would take a lot of pressure off of Thomas while also making the linemen happy, as all linemen love to run block a team into the ground on the way to a victory.
I'm expecting a little bit of a slow start however, maybe a series or two offensively, before things get rolling a bit and wind up similar to any other game Bowling Green has played this year.
Last week's nightmare can be partially erased with a fantastic performance on Saturday. Expect more conventional play calls such as runs up the middle, short passes, as Virginia Tech continues to find a style on offense that suits it well.
The defense will come out with passion after the words defensive coordinator
In the end, Thomas shines and the defense meets early season expectations.