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Staff Picks: VT at BC

The must-win streak begins tomorrow at Boston College, which could come in front of a cold, less than half-empty stadium. Has Virginia Tech put its losing woes behind it? It will have to to keep its bowl hopes alive.
We take our shots at calling what will happen at today's 12:30 pm ET kickoff.
There's been plenty at stake for a while now, but it ramps up even more this weekend as a loss officially eliminates Virginia Tech from the post-season. As bad as this season has been at times, a win also miraculously keeps the Hokies alive or a coastal division championship and a spot in the ACC championship game. Of course, Miami will have to forfeit its spot if it keeps winning, but it's still a possibility.
This season has been a strange one for Virginia Tech on the road. The Hokies have looked like a different, weaker team away from home, which has led to some ugly defeats, like North Carolina and Pittsburgh.
Granted, Boston College isn't even close to as talented as those two. But the Eagles did play Notre Dame tough last week, falling just 21-6 and Virginia Tech hasn't proven it can win anywhere on the road.
It's a tough one for the Hokies to get jacked up for, an early start, dismal crowd expected and cold weather, but again, a bowl is on the line.
I'd expect the defense to again be the star of the day for the Hokies. The line especially, with
It's still not clear how the running game will go. Will
I'd expect a few mistakes, since they've happened consistently all season, but that still shouldn't be enough to keep the Hokies from keeping the post-season hopes alive. The negatives working against Virginia Tech above should keep the game close, but the Hokies have too much riding on the game to fold this time.
The only way the Hokies will lose this game is if they come out completely unfocused and fall victim to the early kick in what will probably be a half-full stadium. As long as they avoid that, the big-time advantages they have at the line of scrimmage should be enough to give them a comfortable win.
As poor as this season has been, Virginia Tech should be able to run in some form against the nation's 116th ranked rush defense to establish some sort of consistent ground threat and then beat them through the air with senior wide receiver
I don't think any of that happens as I see the Hokies coming out and taking care of business fairly easily Saturday afternoon.
In a must-win scenario in order to stay bowl-eligible, senses tell me Saturday will be the first road win of the season for Virginia Tech. Las Vegas is currently listing the Hokies as a 9.5-point favorite (wouldn't surprise me if it gets bigger), and I believe that will be about right.
Though the Eagles played Notre Dame to a 21-6 battle, this is the same team that was beaten 51-7 by Florida State and by 20 against Georgia Tech. Granted, both of those battles were on the road, which is why this game could remain interesting for a while. However, I believe this will be the first time the Hokies play consecutive weeks of good football since Georgia Tech and Austin Peay.
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