Monday Morning QB: Week 6

- Wow, still a little hard to believe. The 48-34 loss isn't surprising considering how Virginia Tech had been playing, but the Tar Heels took it to the Hokies, with

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- The defense was solid early, not allowing hardly a yard to UNC, then it just caved. When you put up nearly 400 yards, 34 points and the other team has 15 penalties for 126 yards, you expect to win. Defensive coordinator
- That's now two games this season allowing 500 yards, with Bernard recording 10 runs of 10 yards or more. They're video game stats. What is going on with this defense? Maybe Foster was right, the media said it would be an elite defense. So far, it's looked anything but elite.
- The Tar Heels had 28 points at halftime in this one, when never having scored more than 24 in the last eight meetings against Tech.
- Junior quarterback
- 40 yards rushing on 25 carries? That would have been considered horrible by just a player. But that was the Hokies' team rushing stats.
- It's so strange to think that the Hokies' bowl eligibility is a serious concern, but it is. I wonder if there will be any shuffling in the secondary. I can see Virginia Tech beating Boston College and Virginia in addition to Duke. They have to steal another one.
- Gotta figure how this looks in the eyes of recruits. Do they stick? If there are changes on the staff, who goes where? College football isn't soccer where you see firings all the time, after just a run of poor games, but it's hard to imagine this staff staying intact.
- Ugly week for the conference. Boston College loses to 0-4 Army, Florida State's national title hopes are gone after falling to N.C. State and Miami was destroyed by Notre Dame.
- Duke is on a roll entering Lane Stadium on Saturday with a 42-17 win over Virginia.
- Maryland already has more wins this season (3) than last season and sit in first place in the ACC Atlantic. If the season were to end today, the ACC Championship would be the Terps against the Canes. Not pretty.
- Good win by Clemson to take down Georgia Tech. Over 600 yards of offense, with
1. Believe in South Carolina yet? I do. Legit national title contenders after rocking Georgia 35-7. The Gamecocks have LSU and Florida left. Get by those two games and they will likely cruise until the SEC championship.
2. Still don't like what I see out of Florida, because LSU is overrated. Love what I see out of
3. Who thought at this point of the season we would have a top 10 that includes Florida, West Virginia, Kansas State, Notre Dame and Oregon State?
4. I love what Louisiana Tech is all about, but the Bulldogs get their first big test this season when they host national ranked Texas A&M this weekend. Can they keep it going after winning 58-31 over UNLV?
5. Not as many tasty battles next week as this past week, but Stanford vs. Notre Dame should be a good one. The Fighting Irish are undefeated but have to get their quarterback situation settled. Hard to see them contending for much with only three passing touchdowns this season. Also hard to see them being happy with the ACC-affiliation after the conference's display this past weekend. Check that, the entire season.