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Monday Morning QB: Week 5

- The slow starts are tough to watch. You can't realistically expect to not execute early and win the game. I think most of us expect Tech to bounce back at some point, but I'm not so sure this team has it in it. Big game next week at North Carolina to get things on track before this season becomes more of a disaster.
- I'm not sure what is wrong with junior quarterback
- Think back to the pick in the red zone that Thomas tossed, and there is your ball game.
- Redshirt freshman
- Cincinnati quarterback
- Good for defensive tackle
- It's never a great sign when the top performer was the punter.
- I know many of people on the message boards are claiming for
- I don't like the comparisons to the Broncos game. Tech is 0-3 at FedEx, but come on, this Cinci team is nowhere near the Broncos' caliber. And, this Tech team is nowhere near that one.
- Miami, the best team in the Coastal division? So far it looks like it. They were fortunate to beat N.C. State on Saturday, but they did just enough. At 3-0 in conference, if the Hokies slip up soon, they will be in the driver's seat.
- Really, Georgia Tech? Losing to Middle Tennessee State at home by 21? Four turnovers doomed coach
- How about Duke? 4-1 overall, 1-0 in the ACC with a weak Virginia team coming to town? This could be the year they make a bowl game.
- Florida State got by South Florida 30-17. The Seminoles did not look like the No. 4 team in the county in that one but played smart, efficient football and got the road win. Clear-cut favorite in the ACC.
- Virginia fought back through backup
1. How about No. 5 Georgia winning 51-44 over Tennessee, and No. 9 West Virginia beating No. 25 Baylor 70-63? That makes the 41-36 win by No. 12 Texas over Oklahoma State look boring. Tremendous games. No defense, lots of offense, fun football.
2. No. 18 Oregon State kept it going with a 38-35 win over previously ranked Arizona on the road. Watch out for the Beavers. Pac 12 dark horse. Now 14th in the AP poll.
3. No. 3 LSU beats Towson 38-22. Is that a worthy ranking? A slow start has raised plenty of questions. Now they are ranked No. 4. Still a bit high.
4. Big win by No. 14 Ohio State at No. 20 Michigan State, winning 17-16. Urban Meyer has his guys ready to play. QB
5. Have you all seen next week's slate? With updated rankings as of yesterday morning, No. 4 LSU at No. 10 Florida, No. 5 Georgia at No. 6 South Carolina, No. 8 West Virginia at No. 11 Texas, Miami at No. 9 Notre Dame and No. 21 Nebraska at No. 12 Ohio State. Wow.