Know Your Enemy: Georgia Tech

Each game, we'll get the inside look at Virginia Tech's opponent by talking with the opposing team's beat writer. This week, we spoke with publisher Kelly Quinlan to get the skinny on
Tevin has also improved his passing a great deal, but he is still not quite on par with the rest of the quarterbacks in the ACC when it comes to slinging the ball around.
He can play the slot back position and could appear at other spots in the offense. He struggles making reads at quarterback, but he is Georgia Tech's most dynamic player with the ball in his hands.
The key to moving the ball against Virginia Tech is using all aspects of his playbook rather than just featuring a specific group of players. The other thing is completing some passes to keep Foster from stacking nine in the box and playing a cover two with the corners.
I think Georgia Tech could surprise some people and be a top 25 team and compete for the Coastal Division, but Monday night's game is very important.