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Know Your Enemy: Austin Peay

Each game, we'll get the inside look at Virginia Tech's opponent by talking with the opposing team's beat writer. This week, we spoke with
They had guys falling down in the secondary, no pass rush to speak of. Austin Peay just couldn't do anything to stop them.
He had one interception and it was a bad decision because he didn't see the safety coming over. But I don't think it's a huge concern with Ryan.
I think the key might be Wesley Kitts. He had that 68-yard touchdown run last week. The big question for him is just how many carries he can take. He's always had injury problems and never been able to handle a full work load. They need him to step up and do that.
I think they'll always be a run-first team under coach Rick Christophel. They led the league in time of possession last year. Right now, they're hoping quantity is better than quality for the running backs.
The linebackers have to be flying to the ball and have better coverage in the secondary. I think it starts on defense. Coach Christophel said Thomas is bigger than most of their defensive line. When I saw that he runs a 4.5 40, I was like, 'Wow.'
They're definitely amped up to play in Lane Stadium and in front of that crowd. I was talking to one of the Ausin Peay linebackers and he told me that his freshman year, they lost 70-3 at Wisconsin, but that was one of his fondest memories. It's just the whole experience of playing.