HokieHaven - How the end of the dead period will affect the Hokies
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How the end of the dead period will affect the Hokies

At long last, it's official: the NCAA's recruiting Dead Period will come to an end on June 1.

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Returning to the normal recruiting calendar means that the next few months will play out like so:

• Through May 31 - emergency Dead Period continues
• June 1-June 27 - Quiet Period
• June 28-July 24 - Dead Period
• July 25-31 - Quiet Period
• Aug. 1-Aug 31 - Dead Period
• From Sept. 1 - Evaluation Period

Most importantly, a Quiet Period means the coaching staff can host prospects on-campus, so VT's planned recruiting visits weekends (and on-campus camps) the four weekend in June are on.

It's somewhat surprising that the NCAA didn't alter the existing recruiting calendar to open much of July (aside from the time immediately surrounding the Independence Day holiday) as a Quiet Period to make up for the fact that literally hundreds of visit dates were lost to the coronavirus pandemic. But at least allowing visits during the previously-planned windows is an improvement. That the final week in July will be available for visits also means VT's now-traditional recruiting BBQ Bash is potentially on the table, if the staff continues to believe it will serve their needs on the trail.

The big-picture hope is that the Hokies can take advantage of their recruiting opportunities in June and set up the remainder of the calendar to achieve major success on the trail.

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