Frank Beamer UNC Post Game

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CHAPEL HILL, NC -- For the first few seconds he sat on the podium, coach Frank Beamer seemed at a loss for words and didn't know where to begin.
He ran his hand through his mangled, gray hair, put his right first up to his lips.
Beamer isn't used to this. Today's 48-34 loss at North Carolina now has the Hokies at three losses at the earliest point in a season since 1991.
And it aall starts with the Hokies' defense, which had allowed an individual to run for the most yards Virginia Tech has given up. Sophomore Giovani Bernard rushed for 262 yards and a touchdown.
"I think everyone knows that if we do our assignments and do the right things then we can play defense at Virginia Tech," Beamer said. "I think it was a good offensive team we were playing. They've got weapons. They've got big tall receivers and they've got running backs and a quarterback who's a veteran and smart and an experienced offensive line."
Beamer has been as patient as anyone this season. He's seen the Hokies struggle and come back before. But this team has been spinning its wheels.
"It is what it is," Beamer said. "We're 3-3 and we can still be in the conference championship. We still have something to play for and that's the way we've gotta go in now."
NOTE: We apologize for the poor sound quality. We used the audio system provided by North Carolina, which had some technical difficulty. Another reason why this is free content.