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Five To Ponder: Cincinnati

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Maybe one or two games, he could lose it by himself. At the same time, their offense is gonna be a little bit different because he's in there. They'll probably run more with the quarterback than they did in the past. Still, for what Zach could and couldn't do, he's gonna be missed the most.
If I did a second, it would be the defensive lineman,
So they're gonna be easier to run on and they're gonna be worse passing offensively making them more susceptible to a powerful team like I'd imagine Virginia Tech will be.
Defensive tackle
They have
Then you have
Special teams overall will be one of their strengths. That's different from two years ago and probably one of the biggest weaknesses when this coaching staff arrived.
They really have to get some skill players though. They have some skill players in the system, but none of them have ever done anything at Cincinnati yet. They could be a pretty drab team if these guys don't show up.
Louisville is gonna be amazing this year and around the country people are gonna recognize them They've been recruiting at an unprecedented clip. You're gonna see some superstar players there.
I think someone else will take second, then Cincinnati will be fighting for third or fourth in the conference. It's kind of a turbulent year in the Big East with two teams leaving, Temple just arrived and then several teams on the way next year. It's not a stable conference, so there's some animosity.
People are playing for more than just bragging rights at this point. There's some hatred going on, so that'll be interesting. In terms of how high Cincinnati can go, I think if they get third and make any spot of merit then they should be pleased with themselves.