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Comparative Analysis: McMillian

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PROSPECT ANALYSIS: athlete/quarterback Travon McMillian, CD Hylton (Va.) (committed April 25, 2013), three stars, No. 30 athlete, No. 16 in Virginia
It's never a bad thing to sign one of the most gifted athletes in the state of Virginia. That's what the Hokies are getting in McMillian, one of the top athletes in the state.
Players like McMillian can sometimes be difficult to evaluate, given the fact that he played quarterback on offense. He'll be put into a more athletic role at Virginia Tech at either wide receiver or defensive back. McMillian definitely has the skillset to play either side of the ball in college, and that's what makes him such an intriguing prospect.
Because of his superior athleticism, quarterback was the perfect position for McMillian in high school. He could scramble with the best of them, he has a relatively strong arm, and he can create big plays out of nothing. However, his throwing mechanics and footwork are clearly behind that of Andrew Ford and Chris Durkin. That's why McMillian's best spot will likely be at receiver in Blacksburg.
He has the ability to make tacklers miss, has excellent breakaway speed, and is a nuisance to bring down. If McMillian were to shore up his catching skills (we have no film to evaluate that aspect), he could develop into a big-play receiver that can create big gains either down the field or via a bubble screen. The best bet would be at the slot receiver, where McMillian could gain the hard yards over the middle and will always be a threat in the screen game.
Given his body size (6-0, 196 pounds), McMillian could make the transition to defense for Virginia Tech as well. The whip position would be a possibility, as would the rover or free safety position. It's just going to be a matter of figuring out where he fits best.
But one thing's for sure- McMillian is a valuable get for the Hokies and should be an asset at one position or another during his career.
CURRENT VIRGINIA TECH COMPARISON: wide receiver Joshua Stanford
McMillian and Stanford currently have nearly the same exact body (Stanford has one inch on McMillian), so this is an easy comparison. Both guys weren't very polished coming in, but Stanford certainly had the tools to become a playmaker. He definitely has already done that, being named an honorable mention freshman All-American in 2013.
Stanford has the ability to gain significant yardage after the catch, and isn't afraid to go across the middle on his post routes. He might be a little quicker than McMillian, but McMillian makes up for that in edging out Stanford in strength. (which is why I could see McMillian in the slot) Stanford is the perfect model to follow for McMillian if he ends up at receiver.
Roberts played his senior season at 6-2, 195 pounds. McMillian should end up being at around 210 pounds if he ends up at receiver, but the two players have very similar games and talents. Roberts was a weapon all over the field, having caught 96 passes for 1,363 yards (14.2 YPC) for 6 touchdowns, and also added 27 rushes for 175 yards.
Those stats offer a look at what McMillian could become if he achieves his full potential. He can gain yards on end-arounds, screen passes, deep balls, and short routes just like Roberts accomplished. All of this will be dependent on McMillian's development in his route-running and catching ability, but there's no doubt the skillset is there.
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