Clark Ready For College Future

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Unlike past years, the final official visit weekend wasn't a busy one for Virginia Tech.
The Hokies had just two official visitors, one being Kings Fork (Va.) safety Charles Clark. But that gave Clark a better opportunity to take in everything on the visit and get a better sense of how he needs to prepare to be a Hokie.

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Clark, who committed to Virginia Tech in April, originally planned to officially visit the previous weekend. But with the inclement weather, he wasn't able to get to Blacksburg. This weekend was well worth the wait.
"It was a fun time," Clark said. "I just got to interact with future teammates and the current players now and just experience more than I had experienced, like the dorm life and how the players just live every day."
Clark has made multiple unofficial visits to Virginia Tech, but this trip gave him a more in-depth look at what he can expect when he arrives on campus this fall. he also hung out with the Hokies' other official visitor, three-star commit Deon Newsome.
"It's just the fact that I was in the dorms that stood out, because I'd never been in the dorms," he said. "I've seen them from the outside, but never stayed in them or stayed a night at the campus, hang out with the players. I had a great time and just got accustomed to the life I'll be living in a few months."
Clark was hosted by freshman safety Der'Woun Greene, who filled Clark in on even more of the basics of being a Hokie and every-day living.
"He plays my position and he showed me really, what's up," Clark said. "He was telling me everything about where I'd have to be going, how things would be when I got there my first week and transitioning, places I can go eat, different things I would have to do. He was telling me about study hall and really just about everything. Stuff that I didn't know already, he really hit the nail on the head and showed me a lot and explained a lot. He wasn't bashful about anything."
Last fall, Clark had a strong finish to his high school career. The Bulldogs went 7-4, but Clark picked up the Southeastern District's defensive player of the year. Though he played some cornerback, Clark made a name for himself at free safety.
"I don't really like to judge myself," Clark said. "I just let it go as it is. I put in work all the time, so I expect something out of it, but I don't wanna get high on my own head. I know a good outcome is gonna come. I played corner every now and then, whenever they needed me out there, just going against a tough receiver. They'd put me man-to-man on him. It's just getting the playbook down pat now and going out there and playing ball."
Clark said he's ready to sign his letter of intent tomorrow for National Signing Day. Of course, his official visit got him more amped up as he got a better sense of how he could fit in during his college career. Of course, it won't come without more hard work.
"When I get there, I need to study that playbook," Clark said. "Just getting up there the other day and watching film with Coach Gray, it was moving at a quick pace. Once you get your playbook, it's not like high school where you're lying around 30 plays or something like that. I'm sure it's gonna be way more. Right now, it's just keeping my body in shape, preparing myself mentally and physically. I know it will be a big change and I'm gonna have to accept the fact that it's gonna be different from high school. I just have to come in with an open mind and be willing and ready for everything."
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