Brown torn between two schools

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Waldorf (Md.) Thomas Stone linebacker Nekos Brown picked up his second offer of the recruiting season this week as Virginia Tech joined Virginia in the race to land the 6-foot-2, 222-pound prospect. Brown appeared to be a sure-fire lock for the Cavaliers, and still may be, but the Hokies will have something to say about that before Brown makes his final decision.
"I'm still leaning heavily towards Virginia at this point, but the offer from Tech broadens the picture a bit," explained Brown. "Tech is number two right now because I still have to go and meet the rest of the coaching staff and still see the whole campus. Virginia still has a good lead."

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Brown plans to see both campuses again before possibly reaching a decision before the start of the season.
"I'll be heading down to Tech sometime in July," admitted Brown. "It will have to be over a weekend because I have to take a couple of ninth grade classes to bring up my core GPA to match my ACT score. I want to get the recruiting process over with so I can focus on my academics to better prepare myself for college during my senior year of high school."
Brown is still considering Maryland, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, and Georgia Tech, but the Virginia schools are the clear front-runners. What does Brown see in each program?
"With Virginia, I like that they have a great football program, they've got excellent graduation rates, and you can walk away from football with a degree from Virginia," stated Brown. "I also think Tech has a great program, they were the ACC champs last season, and a degree Tech isn't a bad option either."
Brown has been impressed with his head recruiters from both schools, Coach Ball from Tech and Coach Prince from Virginia.
"Coach Ball is very straight forward with me. When the staff sat down and watched my tape, he called me immediately to tell me that an offer was a done deal and was in the mail. The letter with an offer from Coach Beamer arrived dated with the day he called," explained Brown. "Coach Prince has been a great recruiter. He and Coach Groh came to my school in May to check on my progress in the classroom and they had a chance to see what kind of progress I've made."
Both schools are recruiting Brown as a linebacker, but he shows no real preference in regards to Tech's 4-3 or Virginia's 3-4 scheme.
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