Beamer Still Sees Makings Of Good Team

The game and the result Saturday were the opposite of what Virginia Tech had hoped for.
Sloppy play, missed assignments, missed tackles and a number of other factors led to a surprising 35-17 dominating win for Pittsburgh.
Through three games, both sides of the ball have been up and down. There's been some positives, but almost just as many negatives. At his weekly press conference today, coach
"You've gotta keep working and play more consistent in what you do," he said. "Look at what you're capable of doing and then do it in a consistent fashion. That's what we're trying to do right now."
Beamer admits he was a bit surprised at his opponent Saturday. Virginia Tech did itself no favors with its own play, but was also up against a different team.
"You've gotta give Pittsburgh credit," Beamer said. "That really wasn't the same Pittsburgh team that you saw on video. And that's a credit to the players and coaches that they made improvement and came out and I thought played a really good football game. We didn't play our best football and the reason for that, I'm not quite sure. What I'm seeing is it is what it is, so learn from it and be better."
The defense, usually a stout unit, surrendered 537 yards of total offense, 254 on the ground. But Beamer said he doesn't place the blame on the Hokies' ability up front.
"It wasn't all the defensive line," he said. "It's a team defense. There were some misfitting and as far as getting our gaps under control and some communication problems in the secondary."
Beamer touched on a number of topics today. He said junior cornerback
He believes though that there's plenty of time to right the ship. But the players will determine how the rest of the season goes the most as they hopefully keep improving.
"I said before the season started that as many young guys, new guys, I think we had the makings of being a good team," Beamer said. "We're not a great team right now and I think we're continuing to work on that. It's yet to be determined where this team goes."