Beamer Likes Running Approach

Following a ho-hum first quarter, Virginia Tech turned to its running game.
After the Hokies success on the ground in previous years, that wouldn't come as a surprise. But through the first three games the rushing attack has been nearly non-existent.
Junior running back
"I thought we had some explosive plays, and I thought Tony Gregory showed some speed out there," coach
Overall, Virginia Tech finished with 296 total yards of offense, 246 of it coming on the ground. It's the first time the Hokies ran for 100 yards this season.
Virginia Tech kept its momentum going in the second half. Redshirt freshman
"We needed a day where we had some plays and I thought the offense was very efficient and came out in the second half against the wind and went right down the field," Beamer said. "I was proud overall at how we came back. There early, we were screwing things up, but no one panicked. We hung in there, and I thought the offense got rolling pretty good."
The Hokies had another eye-rolling first quarter, with just 48 total yards of offense. But the switch was flipped on afterward, which was just what Beamer was hoping for.
"There early, we were kind of screwing things up, but nobody panicked," Beamer said. "We hung in there and I thought the offense got rolling pretty good. The thing I am proud of is we didn't lose our composure there, but I am just so proud how they came back and got into a rhythm."