Beamer Back To Playing VT Football Again

In 26 seasons, coach
For one, the Hokies always play hard. They make solid tackles, play stout defense and come up with crucial special teams plays. One or two of those were seen in Virginia Tech's loss to Pittsburgh Sept. 15, but now all of them.

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"The Pitt game was not typical of how we wanna play, coaches and players," Beamer said. "If you play with effort and you're giving it your best shot, that's one thing. I felt like that's what we got back to last week. I thought we were playing with some effort and some toughness and that's who we need to be."
On Saturday, though the Hokies disposed of visiting Bowling Green 37-0, there were still areas to improve, like passing and crisp tackling. But Beamer didn't have as many question marks to sort through this time.
"Overall, we played with better effort, which we've always done," Beamer said. "Execution-wise, it was better for the most part. There were still some inconsistencies, but I think we took a step. It's a matter of taking another step this week and being better this week. We're gonna have to, to hang with this football team. We made progress Saturday."
Defensively, a shutout is a shutout. Cornerback
"Staying healthy is important and after that, getting Tariq Edwards back on defense helps," Beamer said. "Having people up front, defensively that you can alternate in there, that helps. There's some, 'if this happens or this happens' or whatever but I think we have a chance to be good."
Offensively, junior quarterback
"I said a couple of times, we just need to get some success on first down and then you kinda build on it," Beamer said. "Now, it's easier to call plays and everything just kinda flows if you get some success going and just build off of that."
Beamer acknowledges Virginia Tech is still a work in progress. But little by little, the Hokies are getting back to what they do best: win by being the superior team.
"This week will be a really good measuring stick because you're playing a team that's really good," Beamer said. "I said before, by far the most athletic team we've played. They've got people, they're well-coached, they're experienced. This week will be a good measuring stick for us."