Beamer ACC Teleconference: Fla. State

Virginia Tech is coming off another loss, but another chance for some redemption. The Hokies host Florida State, ranked No. 10 in the BCS standings, the biggest chance all year to show just how good they are.
in and out so much. He's having a hard time
keeping him in there too. So that offensive line, that is the one place that you want people, continuity, and we just haven't been able to keep that week-in and week-out.
you win games or has it been a major problem?
Saturday games to evaluate talent and meet
with kids that are interested in your program?
Is there any kind of difficulty from a mental
aspect of keeping the positive vibe that you usually have this time of year or has that been difficult?
get a big pass-rush. Then receivers, being
consistent and catching the ball and being where you need to be and so forth; I think all of those things kind of go into it.
There is just a lot of new people around Logan. But as far as his toughness, as far as his dedication to winning, as far as his ability, that's not in question.
know, six hours, and of course that includes a lot of the teams that we play, a lot of the area that makes it a good situation too.
shift from Northeast, Midwest to the southeast, west. Do you think that continues? Or is it a trend in a cycle over time?
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