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Beamer ACC Teleconference: Duke

For the second time this season, Virginia Tech's defense gave up an un-Virginia Tech-like over 500 yards of total offense in a 48-34 loss at North Carolina. The Hokies allowed the most yards by an opposing running back in school history and the first kickoff return for a touchdown since 1993.
Virginia Tech is only halfway through the season, but some major adjustments will have to be made in order to rebound.
combination of good planning and good people.
a lot of good players. Like I said, I think they're extremely well-coached. It takes time.
That was something that had not happened before, so I think that's probably when we knew it.
getting him back help your defense, do you think?
their ability as a unit, and also particularly their left guard, Cooper?
drew it too many times the other day. The game situation dictated that, but I think overall they've protected him well. We've got to be a little more balanced in our offense. I think that is the key thing for us right now is to get more balance.
my question. I was actually asking about
North Carolina's offensive line. And
particularly their left guard,
offensive line. I'm very impressed with them, and I'm very impressed with Cooper. They get things done very well. Then you put a back behind those guys, and they've got three of them, really. But you put a guy that can make you miss, and you've got something really good going.
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