Beamer ACC Teleconference: Clemson

Down 20-0 in the first quarter to Duke Saturday, Virginia Tech was all but left for dead. The season appeared over, not to mention making a comeback in the coastal division of the ACC.
But like a switch being flipped, the Hokies rebounded and came back with resilience, thumping the Blue Devils afterward for a 41-20 win. But this weekend's opponent, Clemson is as dangerous as they come, with an explosive offense that should present plenty of challenges for Virginia Tech.
and got good athletes on defense, and just an
excellent football team. Going down there, it's a challenge for us, we haven't played as well as we need to on the road, so that's another challenge for us. We are going to have to play really well to hang in there.
from that area. You talked about how the guys
in that area look up to the older guys; do you notice a culture in that area of quarterbacks that come out of that region?
After that, you know,
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