Beamer ACC Teleconference: Cincinnati

Virginia Tech isn't back to the ranked team it was a few weeks ago prior to the Pittsburgh loss, but the Hokies are making progress.
After dispatching of Bowling Green 37-0 Saturday, Virginia Tech turns its attention to playing Cincinnati Saturday at FedEx Field in Landover, Md. The last time the Hokies played there, they fell to Boise State in their season opener in 2010.
play the game full tilt, so that's the kind of guy that he is.
team. Basically is that a big facet for you
knowing it is technically a home game in
Cincinnati but more or less it's going to be a Hokie crowd?
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along. I think that's the biggest thing. G.W. (
red-shirt freshman and Coleman is a true freshman. So they continue to grow and learn and mature. And Scales is a guy that's been around here for a while, downhill runner, got some real toughness. And
big rotation at that position then?
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