Adjepong returns from Blacksburg

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Carteret, N.J. defensive end Jason Adjepong took his second unofficial visit of the season to Blacksburg, Va. this past weekend to check out the Virginia Tech Hokies. Adjepong totals 28 offers to this point with the latest offers coming from Ohio State, North Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Purdue. The 6-foot-3, 248-pound prospect earned all-state honors as a junior after posting 87 tackles, 22 tackles for a loss and 12 sacks.
"The visit was excellent," explained Adjepong. "Everything was very organized and planned out. They executed everything perfectly, we always had something to do."
What did Adjepong think of Tech's coaching staff upon meeting the group for the first time?
"I know Coach Rogers since he's recruiting me and he's a great guy, but I really bonded with Coach Wiles besides Coach Beamer," admitted Adjepong. "They're a bunch of good guys as a whole, and I got to meet a lot of important people close to the program. Coach Wiles is a coach you just want to play for besides knowing all the talent he's helped put in the NFL over the years."
Adjepong also had a chance to bond with some of the players on campus, especially Tech defensive end Darryl Tapp and linebacker James Anderson.
"Coach Rogers told me before I got there that my personality was almost identical to that of Tapp's," explained Adjepong. "When I got there and met Darryl, it was almost scary how similar we were as people. James compliments him very well and we all got along great. We really formed a good bond and it really felt like hanging out with my friends back home."
As to the facilities, Adjepong was more than a little impressed when asked what he thought of what Tech has to offer.
"Are you serious?" asked Adjepong. "Everything is very well run and I love their weight room. They believe in using free weights and not machines which I really liked. They've got all of the records up on the walls of the weight room and that really motivates you as a player."
The community of Blacksburg can be quite a change for New Jersey prospects at times, but Adjepong embraced the area and liked what he saw.
"It's a football town and no different than any other football town I've ever been to," said Adjepong. "Everyone there is a Hokie, not just a football fan. The people there love the program. When Coach Rogers was driving me around on a golf cart to show me the campus everyone shouts and waves and wants to say hello because they know who you are."
Adjepong plans to take unofficial visits to Boston College, Virginia, and West Virginia next. He hopes to narrow his list of schools by the end of the month, but has not set a number he's trying to reach outside of getting it under 20. Where do the Hokies stand after the visit?
"Anyone who knows me and knows me well understands that I'm very high on Rutgers," stated Adjepong. "Rutgers is home to me and I'm a loyal person. I wouldn't say Virginia Tech has passed Rutgers at this point, but they're right up there."
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