ACC Teleconference: VT Bye Week

The bye week couldn't come at a better time as the Hokies are coming off yet another loss, this one 38-17 at Clemson. It's a week or regrouping and recharging before traveling to Miami Nov. 1 (Thursday) for a primetime, nationally televised game that could ultimately decide if Virginia Tech salvages the remainder of the season or stays in a rut.
Even coach

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team in the country that's won 10 or more games the last eight years in a row. It has really been a tough time for us this year.
The thing that is amazing about it, our kids
are still really playing hard. They're practicing hard. They're doing things the right way. We just haven't won some games that we were in that we had a chance to win. So it's been really tough. I can tell you right now watching Miami from where they were at the beginning of the year to where they are right now, they have really improved. I think it will be a heck of a contest next Thursday night.
league and kick return guy. How dangerous is
he? How much of a focus on defense does there have to be?
defense. I'm sure he'll have a plan put together. They've been back in there the last two days looking at film and trying to figure out a way to stop him. I think, again, they're a talented team, and offensively also, again, they have great skill kids, and we've just got to make sure we're ready to play and go out and play like Virginia Tech's capable of playing.
at the right time for us.
away. But any concerns about that? What's it
like going into the heat or humidity?
They'll start drinking water and the Gatorade two or three days before we even arrive down there to make sure they stay hydrated. Our trainers do a great job on that. But believe it or not, we're at 75° right now too. Now we don't have a lot of humidity and there is a chance that the weather is supposed to change Monday and get down into the mid 50s, low 60s but until that time, we're going to be 75 or 80. So the weather is beautiful here right now.
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