July 23, 2012

Adams clears the air

Who can blame almost every program in the country for pursuing Dooly County defensive tackle Montravius Adams?

The five-star prospect already has a body that is ready for the highest level of college football, and recorded 45 tackles for a loss in his dominant junior campaign for the Bobcats.

Adams has returned the interest of many of the schools that have shown him attention thus far with trips to Michigan State, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Clemson, and Florida in 2012.

According to the Dooly County standout, however, the trips, at least for now, are on hold.

"I start school back tomorrow, so I am probably done with traveling for the summer," said Adams. "It has been pretty cool to get out there and see places I've never seen before, and I've had a lot of fun. I've been hanging out with the coaches and hanging out with the players. I've enjoyed seeing all the places and getting a feel for how I like it there."

While visiting each campus, Adams has undoubtedly had the red carpet laid down for him at each location, but he isn't quite ready to say which schools stand out from the rest at this point.

"I have some high interest in some schools, but I'm not going to put out a list of schools until the end football season," he said. "I'll put out a list of six schools then."

Despite the fact that the second ranked player in the state of Georgia has yet to name a leader, there have been a plethora of rumors in recent weeks that two teams, Auburn and Clemson, hold the clear advantage for his services.

Adams insists that he has no leader at this point.

"Every body is even and I don't have a leader right now," said Adams. "Some folks say I am leaning or going one place or another, but we will see what they have to say on signing day."

Naming a favorite is something that Adams isn't ready to do at this point, but he has no problem talking about which schools have peaked his interest and what he likes about each program.

• Alabama - "First thing about them is that they are a championship contender and I want to get a ring before I get out of college. They have great coaches and a great strength and condition coach. That is the coach I would be spending the most time with while I am in school."

• Auburn - "With Alabama there, they are like the underdog. I've always kind of liked the underdog. Everything is based on family there, and I like to see the underdog win."

• Clemson - "Clemson is a place where I feel at home. They have great coaches and great people there."

• Michigan State - "Well the way it is right now, I'd rather be there because it is so hot here, but they have a great coaching staff, and are getting ready to win. Also one of my friends and a former teammate is up there."

• Florida - "It's a great place and they need defensive linemen right now. I know I could go there and play early. They have great coaches. They have Coach Bryant Young and he was in the league and I know he could show me what he knows. He is a good guy. He could coach me up and make me a better player."

• Georgia - "It isn't that far from home, and they have a great coaching staff. The defensive coordinator, Coach (Todd) Grantham, has been in the league. I know he is going to show me what I need to know when I get there. Coach (Rodney) Garner is one of the best coaches in the league. It is a family oriented place, too."

Speaking of the home state Bulldogs, much of Bulldog Nation was concerned when Adams announced he wouldn't be making the trip to Athens for Dawg Night earlier in the month.

According to Adams, there is no reason to worry as Georgia is still very much in the mix.

"They are team I'm still have high interest in," said Adams. "I'll be up there this fall."

Another rumor surrounding the star defender is that he prefers the 4-3 defense over the 3-4 defense, which would put schools like Alabama and Georgia at a disadvantage due to their defensive systems.

Adams says that the rumor couldn't be further from the truth.

"It doesn't matter. I just want to play football and go hit the ball carrier," said Adams. "It really won't matter because 4-3 teams play 3-4 in the game and 3-4 teams play 4-3 in the game so it doesn't make a difference."

At this point in the process the nation's 10th ranked recruit by Rivals.com plans to make his decision on Signing Day, but until then, he knows what is going to make up his mind and will take his time in evaluating each program.

"Mostly I want to feel at home," he said. "Also it will be where my mom feels at home. She has just been to Auburn, but she will go to all of the schools eventually. I'm also looking for a close bond with the players and coaches. Also a place with great academics where I can complete all my work. That is about it."

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