April 16, 2012

Treadwell building a bond at Michigan

Crete (Ill.) Monee wide receiver Laquon Treadwell has already been to Michigan on multiple occasions - taking in the Wolverines' victories against Notre Dame and Ohio State in the fall. On Saturday, he made another trip to Ann Arbor, though that wasn't his original plan.

Treadwell was on the road to Oklahoma when inclement weather - including tornadoes across the plains states - forced a change of plans Friday morning.

"We were like three hours into the trip to Oklahoma," he said. "It wasn't too bad. When we turned around, it was seven hours [to Michigan] from there."

Since he'd already been to town on multiple occasions, there wasn't much new to Treadwell. However, he did get the chance to sit down with Michigan's coaches and discuss his role in their recruiting plans - and on the team should be pick Michigan.

"Coach Montgomery, Coach Heck, Coach Borges, Coach Hoke, I talked to basically everybody," he explained.

"They're going pro-style, and Coach Borges said they need big receivers that can stretch the field. They're not really going for smaller guys, because they have enough small guys. They said in the pro-style they're going to need big receivers that can stretch the field and go for the deep ball. He said once I learn one position, he can move me around to more and more positions. That's good for me, and he said the more positions I learn, the more he can make me a better player."

The spring game itself took place on Saturday, and Treadwell took a bit of time to see how the receivers were used. However, with Michigan's offensive transition, the roles are changing, so he didn't invest too much energy into watching their specific duties.

What he did do was spend time with several of Michigan's commitments who were in attendance.

"I was with Shane [Morris], Khalid [Hill], Taco [Charlton] - Taco's pretty funny - and I was with Devin [Funchess], too. Devin's pretty funny, I was around him a lot. He went up to go sign autographs, so that was pretty cool. The big lineman Kyle [Bosch]. I was basically around all of them, but those were the ones I remember off the top of my head."

One thing Treadwell enjoyed about his time spent with Michigan's commitments was that they didn't try to pressure him to pick Michigan.

"Nobody was trying to sell me the program," he explained. "We were just hanging out, and it was kind of fun. It was kind of cool that they weren't trying to sell me anything, and just letting me take it all in. That's probably why I like hanging around them so much."

Following the weekend visit, Treadwell's recruiting trips are likely on hold until the fall. He doesn't have any more unofficial visits in the works, and is focused on taking his official visits when the season rolls around.

"I'm looking at just going to both Oklahoma schools for officials," he said of rescheduling his trip to the Sooner State. "I probably won't take any more unofficials, just take the rest of my officials and make my decision.

"As quick as I can take my officials is probably when I'm going to make my decision. Probably after my last official, if I feel I don't need to see any other schools before I make my decision, then I'll just make that decision."

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