September 18, 2011

Rahon Enjoys Visit

The Boston College staff has been active getting visitors lined up for the fall. The first player that made an official visit was 2012 shooting guard Joe Rahon, who came in from California at the beginning of the month. For Rahon, it was his second time at the Heights.

"I went up earlier for an unofficial with my dad in late June. We talked a lot with the staff about basketball, how they play, and how they saw me fit in. When I came up for my official we spent the weekend hanging out and talking. The coaches are all great guys and the visit was a lot of fun," said Rahon.

After visiting BC, Rahon decided to visit St. Mary's for his second official visit this past weekend.

"It was a lot different than BC," said Rahon about St. Mary's. There is no football team and it is a lot smaller campus so it was cool to compare and contrast the two schools. I had fun on that visit too."

Rahon enjoyed his two official visits, but he's not done yet. The shooting guard has a pair of west coast schools lined up to visit in the upcoming weeks.

"I'll be going to Stanford this coming weekend and then October 6-7 I'll go to Oregon. More than likely that will be my last visit, I'm only planning on taking four," said Rahon.

Rahon says that he's planning on deciding in the early signing period and more than likely he'll be choosing one of the four schools he took an official visit to. Obviously out of the 4 schools, BC is unique because it's the only school on the east coast. Is the location of the Heights a disadvantage for the Eagles?

"Some people have brought up to me that Boston is so far away, but I don't see location being a factor in my decision. Boston is such a cool city so it's not like I'm going to some random town on the east coast. Location is not a factor---I don't mind going to the east coast--- it's just where I see myself fitting in best," said Rahon.

Is it comforting to Rahon that BC has a couple of players from California already on the team?

"Yes it was good to hang out with the guys from California and see that they enjoy being out on the east coast. It helps knowing that there would be players from the west coast on the team should I decide to go to BC," said Rahon.

As Rahon takes in the recruiting process he is evaluating which staff he feels closest with, and which school feels like the best fit for him. Rahon says that he likes the BC staff and they've made him feel comfortable in the recruiting process. As for being a fit in the BC offense, Rahon doesn't see that as a disadvantage either.

"In Coach Donahue's offense you have to be smart to make reads to come off screens and you have to be able to shoot the three. I feel like I'm good in those areas. Shooting is a strength of mine, and as far as understanding the game I feel like I have a good feel for it. It would be a great fit for me in terms of how they play," said Rahon.

Heading down the home stretch it looks like BC has as good of a shot as any team to land Rahon. EagleAction will keep you updated in the coming weeks.

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