July 7, 2011

Bright talks about commitment

"I thought that the level of competition was higher then at the other choices. I felt really comfortable with the coaching staff and the players, so it was easier for me to make a decision. Coach Stallings was really happy and glad that I committed and also surprised, because he thought that I would think about a few days after returning to Germany."

"The visits were great, I had a lot of fun and had the opportunity to visit other schools, so it was nice to compare these colleges.

"I really like the campus and also Nashville. It it is a nice city with lots of capabilities. I hung around with Jeffrey [Taylor] and Steve [Tchiengang], they are great guys and I had a lot of fun."

"The coaches showed me my possibilties of playing when I come next year. They also saw me as a wing player, but we didn't talked so much about the chance to replace Jeff Taylor, more we talked about clarifying my chances to come in and play right away."


"It's facilitating, because I know now I can focus on my stuff here in Germany, but its also mandatory to improve my game and step up to the next level before I'm coming next year. I'm looking forward to playing against those teams because here in Germany, I think you never have this opportunity to play against future NBA players!

I want to prove my game, to come in and compete directly against teams like that [Kentucky and Florida], because thats the main reason I would say why I chose Vanderbilt. The level of competition I'm going face is the reason why I chose Vandy overall. Also, the good established name of Vandy during the last couple of years.
I have offers from professional teams in Germany, but I want to go step-by-step and prove myself at the SEC/NCAA level first. I see this as a unique opportunity to play against some of the best players in the world."

"I'm a versatile guy who can shoot from the arc, or drive to the hoop. Overall, I'm really effective no matter where on the floor. I think I have to improve my ball-handling, so I can help out my point guard on the court. I also have to work on my defensive positioning off the ball."

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